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Tied Up and Whipped

Posted On: May 21, 2008 at 7:29 am By: Tied.com Comments: (zero)

Tied and whipped Tied and whipped Tied and whipped

Glamorous Lexi Bardot probably had no idea just what kind of bdsm experience she was in for when she met dominant Mark Davis. She soon found out when her wrists were sadistically tied behind her back in a most uncomfortable way. Next, her knees and ankles were tied tightly together. Pretty soon, she was all bound up and unable to move. Isn’t it beautiful how a few well placed ties can create total bondage? To further heighten her erotic submissive experience, she was blindfolded and gagged.

Then ouch! The nipple clamps came on, with little weights attached. I’m sure Master Mark was quite turned on by his sadistic handiwork because he was soon fucking his submissive’s little mouth. She performed like the good little submissive, despite being in such uncomfortable bondage.

Tied and whipped

Tied and whipped


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