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Fuck Pig is Humiliated

Posted On: April 1, 2008 at 4:07 pm By: Tied.com Comments: (zero)

fuck pig fuck pig fuck pig

You may be used to seeing Harmony in the dominant position, but that changed once Mark Davis and TJ Cummings arrived on the scene. They treat her like a submissive animal – their "fuck pig," as written on her naked chest in mud. From the shocked look on her face, you can tell she feels totally dehumanized. She’s their submissive for the day, and they will do whatever they want with her.

She endures blindfolded forced cock sucking; tied and bound with rope while being caned; and a painful zipper of clothes pins. Zzzappppp! I bet that hurt like a bitch when it was ripped off. Submissive slut Harmony is kept blindfolded throughout the whole bdsm scene, which heightened her senses even more. This bdsm scene is definitely one in which the submissive feels totally dehumanized, while her dominant masters do all they can to humiliate and degrade their little fuck pig.

fuck pig

fuck pig

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