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Foot Worship

Posted On: August 6, 2009 at 4:22 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I dearly love having my feet worshipped.  Mmmm, it feels so exquisite feeling a foot worship sub’s tongue twirling around each of my toes.  It tickles and it feels relaxing at the same time.  I think I could fall asleep during a good foot massage and foot licking.  Toe sucking feels particularly enjoyable!

Sometimes I like to combine foot worship with food play.  I do this by squishing my toes into something gooey – like a jelly donut – and having my foot fetishist clean off all that jelly.  Mmmm, it feels so good.  It’s also funny, too, seeing jelly all over my sub’s face.  If I’m in a particularly impish mood, I’ll squish my toes into something that doesn’t taste too good – like a jelly donut mixed with vinegar or something the sub hates to eat – lol!

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