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Human Pet Play

Posted On: November 11, 2009 at 7:51 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently got to double team a female submissive who loves extreme erotic humiliation and human pet play, so her master and I really let her have it.  I quickly put a ball gag into her mouth because ball gags always make subs drool, and doggies drool, don’t they?  At least human pet play doggies do!

Her master put her in a collar and chain leash and we took turns walking her around the house and outside.  (She was totally naked, otherwise).  While outside, I told her that she needed to pee.  At first, she was very embarrassed and started to squat a little bit.  Nope, says I! I told her I wanted to see her piss like a boy doggie, with her leg up in the air so we could see the piss coming out.  Oh, the shame – lol!  She was quite mortified, especially when a lot of that piss trickled down her leg.  But it amused her master and me, so it didn’t matter.

Next came dinner time.  Since I love food play and making the ickiest concoctions, I made a particularly grotesque mushy slop and sloshed it into her dog dish.  She didn’t want to eat it, so her master shoved her head into the bowl.  Well, she got a little onery then (sometimes she loves to misbehave so she can get heavily disciplined), so her master punished her.

He tied her up and put another kind of gag in her mouth – the kind that forces her mouth open.  He spooned some of the food into her mouth, and she had no choice but to swallow it.  Every time she tried to spit it out, I touched her with a cattle prod.  (What else would we use during human pet play – lol)!

After awhile, she actually had tears coming down her cheeks.  I was a little concerned, but her master spread her legs and let me see that she was very wet.  Aw, the poor dear – overcome with emotion and lust.

Indeed it was quite a fun and intense human pet play session!  We’ll be doing it again soon.  I can’t wait!

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Erotic Humiliation in Person

Posted On: October 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

My previous entry discussed erotic humiliation phone sex, which is a helluva lot of fun.  But erotic humiliation in person is just as fun, perhaps even more so, with the right humiliation slut.  Some of the erotic humiliation things I’ve done to subs include:  human pet play, piss play, cumming in humiliating ways, and getting dirty.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever done – and it was in public and no one else knew except the humiliation slut and me – involved piss play.  The thing is, I had my period at the time as well – lol!  I threw a dinner party at my home, with most of the guests being vanilla people, so if I was going to do any erotic humiliation, I’d have to be discreet.  Well, my sub did something that ticked me off, so I went into the bathroom, pissed into a glass goblet, and gave it to him.  It was, of course, an unusual mixture of yellow and burgundy.  I’m sure some people, if they noticed, may have wondered what kind of “wine” I was serving.  Thank goodness no one asked for a sample – haha!

At any rate, I whispered into my erotic humiliation slut’s ear what it was.  Since he was in front of people, he couldn’t protest.  So down the hatch it went.  LOL!  He visibly blanched, and I secretly laughed.  It was a hoot!

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Erotic Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted On: October 23, 2009 at 12:31 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I’ve done a lot of fun and funny things to humiliation sluts who’ve called me for erotic humiliation phone sex.  Some have taken their cell phones with them while talking to me on the phone.  Oftentimes, these little excursions take the shape of them going into a lingerie store and purchasing something for themselves.  Of course, they’re to tell the saleswoman that the panties, bra, stockings, etc., are for them.  There have been times that I’ve talked to the saleswomen and have told them that the lingerie purchase is for the man standing in front of them – lol!  Other times, I’ve had my callers purchase two of each item they want – one in my size and one in theirs.  Obviously, the saleswoman would know the larger size was for the man – lolol!

Other times I’ve had erotic humiliation phone sex callers go to the makeup counter at a drug store or a department store.   As in the lingerie store experience, I’ve talked to the clerks and told them to help the caller pick out some makeup for him to wear.  Most of the clerks have been good sports, though you can sometimes tell from their tone of voice that they’re very disapproving of the sissy boy in front of them – lol!

I’ve had a few callers whom I’ve made ask a sales clerk where the tampons are and what tampons they recommend for someone who has never used them before.  One caller was even so bold as to tell the clerk the tampons were for him.  I giggled cuz I thought no way would the guy say that, but he did!!!!  ROFLMAOOOOOOOO!  Too frigging funny!

See, erotic humiliation is so much fun!!!!!!

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Erotic Humiliation Makes Me Laugh

Posted On: August 27, 2009 at 6:42 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

Erotic humiliation makes me laugh every time I do it on a submissive.  I always find it so hiliarious to humiliate the hell out of a humiliation slut!  Erotic humiliation can take place in private or in public.  If I do public humiliation, then I make sure no children are around.  I also make sure I don’t embarrass anyone who isn’t consenting to such a scene.  Only the humiliation slut gets embarrassed!

Thus, erotic public humiliation can be private – like a private joke – even though it’s out in public.  For instance, putting my piss or my humiliation slut’s spunk in his wine glass or on his salad while in a restaurant.  Or having a remote control vibrating butt plug in the submissive’s ass and ramdomly pressing it – lol!  That’s always great for incredible reactions.  LOLOL!

What erotic humiliation things have your dominants done to you?

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Forced Cock Sucking – Female Style

Posted On: August 14, 2009 at 5:54 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

While I play with mostly male submissives, I do like female submissives being forced into cock sucking.  It’s particularly wicked and delightful if they’re lesbians – lol!  Oh, the horrors, the horrors!

But, as any good Mistress and submissive know, the total power exchange is quite evident in forced cock sucking of a submissive who normally wouldn’t want to suck cock.  Of course, a Dominant should never cross the hard boundaries of a submissive, but if forced cock sucking isn’t on that list, then it’s fair game.

I also enjoy forced cock sucking when the submissive is a heterosexual female.  It can still be quite humiliating, especially if the guy is very unattractive, or if the handsome stud just fucks the hell out of her pie hole.  She’s soon cock gagging and deep throating, even if those weren’t her intention.

Forced cock sucking…try it with your submissives if it isn’t one of their hard boundaries!

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Forced Cock Sucking

Posted On: August 12, 2009 at 5:49 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

Ah, my little bitch boys love forced cock sucking.  Of course, they protest at first, professing their manliness and how they would never do such a thing.  On and on they go.  I usually shut them up with a “Me thinks thou doest protest too much.”  They blush crimson.  The funny thing is, all the while we’re talking about forced cock sucking, they have quite the erection.  As I always say, a cock is a great lie detector.  And that cock is saying “Ooooh, yes…forced cocksucking.  Yes, please…me next!”  LOL!

Have any of you been forced into cock sucking by your Mistress?  How did you feel about it?  I imagine you were scared at first, but then you got so aroused seeing how turned on your Mistress was, that you began to tolerate it, perhaps even enjoy it.  Indeed, forced cock sucking is the epitome of total power exchange for a heterosexual male submissive.

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Erotic Humiliation with Food

Posted On: June 28, 2009 at 7:21 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I love using food as a means of erotic humiliation.  There are so many fun things a Dominant can do with food to humiliate a submissive.

For instance, going to a restaurant along with a container full of spunk.  Then pouring said spunk onto subbie’s food and watching him eat it all up.  Or me going to the restroom with a wine glass and coming back with it filled with my piss for the sub to drink all up.  Now that’s a fun one!

I also like mixing up horrid concoctions for my subs to eat.  These concoctions usually include meat gristle, vinegar, pickle juice, scrambled egg, and several of the kinds of food the sub hates.  Sometimes I like to top the “soup” off with some of my piss.  And if I’m on my period, all the better!  Then I put the yukky stuff in a bowl on the floor for subbie to eat all up.

Erotic humiliation with food can be so much fun!!!!!!!!

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Small Penis Humiliation

Posted On: June 20, 2009 at 3:13 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

One of the erotic humiliation things I love, love, LOVE to do is small penis humiliation.  When else can I roll on the floor, laughing out loud during bdsm play!?  Oh sure, during other erotic humiliation play I can have a real belly laugh, but there’s just something about small penis humiliation.  I think it adds an extra humiliation to men because I’m literally attacking their manhood – what little there is – lol!

What makes me laugh even more – besides looking at the diminutive size – is how that lil pecker gets harder when I laugh and make fun of it.  Of course, it never gets long enough to satisfy any woman.  No, it just looks like a baby turtle poking its head out of its shell, trying to stretch to look formidable.  Uh, give it up, penis-challenged guys.  You’re only good for cuckolding, sissification, and small penis humiliation.

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To Ball Gag or Not to Ball Gag

Posted On: June 7, 2009 at 6:46 am By: Countess Comments: (zero)

To ball gag or not to ball gag – that is the question.  I think it all comes down to what you like to do to your submissive and what kind of mood you’re in at the time.  Personally, I always have a ball gag around just in case I want to use it.  When I want to dehumanize my sub and treat him like a side of beef, I ball gag him.  Ball gags instantly humiliate a sub, showing them that they aren’t in charge.  It also shows them that whatever they may have to say is so inconsequential that their Dominant doesn’t even want to hear a single syllable – lol!

Ball gags are also humiliating in another way:  the sub tends to drool.  Again, this goes with the dehumanization; it makes them seem like a drooling dumb beast!

But sometimes I like to hear my sub moan, whimper, and beg.  Sure, he can moan and whine a bit through a ball gag, but it comes out more clearly when there’s no gag.  Plus, he sure as hell can’t beg with a ball gag in his mouth.

So you see, it just all depends upon what the Dominant wants for that particular bdsm session.

Open wide for me,


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Human Pet Play

Posted On: June 3, 2009 at 6:59 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

One of my favorite things to do with a submissive is human pet play.  I like dehumanizing my subs, treating them like the dogs, ponies, or piggies that they are.  When I treat them like dogs, I collar and leash them.  Then I have them amuse me with doing typical dog tricks, like roll over, fetch, and beg.  I just love the begging part – lol!  Although fetch is pretty hilarious – repetitiously throwing something like an old shoe.  My human pets soon learn there’s absolutely no point to my fetch game except to make them look ridiculous – lol.

Then of course there’s the pony play, but I have to admit treating my subs like piggies is totally delightful.  Seeing them root around with their “snouts” in my left over food – in a trough – is priceless!  I sometimes add my piss into the slop I feed them, which gives them dessert – lol!

Human pet play is a great combination of humiliation and dehumanization.  Oh, and it’s also great comedy to a Mistress!

Sit up and beg for me, boys,


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Your Pain, My Gain

Posted On: May 26, 2009 at 2:43 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

So, losers, have you been wanking to all the bdsm pictures here?  Uh, wait – don’t answer that because I already know the answer:  you have.  You get a big boner (well, as big as it can get for you ~ snort), wishing that you were these lucky submissives all tied up and tortured in the photo galleries.   If it were possible, I’d dominate every last one of you, putting you through all sorts of erotic humiliation and sadomasochistic pleasures and pain.  Your pain is definitely my gain, just as much as your humiliation is my rolling on the floor and laughing out loud at you!

Dominating you bitches is so much fun.  I love making you giggle and gasp in horror when I tie you up and torture you.


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Rope Bondage = Human Pretzel

Posted On: May 24, 2009 at 7:18 am By: Countess Comments: (zero)

When I want my submissives to be a human pretzel for me, all I have to do is rope bondage. While I’m no expert in such intricate rope bondage as Shibari, I can definitely tie a mean knot or two…or three, or four…usually much more!

The feelings I get when I have my submissive in rope bondage are hard to describe. It’s probably like a sub trying to describe subspace: you know it when you feel it, but sometimes words are inadequate to describe the delicious feelings you experience. I do feel very powerful, especially when my sub looks up at me with pleading in his eyes. He hopes that I’ll be merciful and not push him too far past his limits. While I’m a sadist, I don’t do anything that would hurt or traumatize my sub. But, while my sub is in rope bondage, there’s always that “Will she or won’t she go past my limits?LOL! I love when a sub thinks that! I love keeping my subs off balance and always guessing.

Oh! And what better way to keep a submissive off balance than to put them in some suspension rope bondage! LOL!

Keeping you all tied up in knots,


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Tied Up Alexa Lynn Forced to Suck Cock

Posted On: February 26, 2009 at 8:06 am By: Tied.com Comments: (zero)

rope bondage blowjob bondage blowjob tied up anal

Alexa Lynn’s sexy blonde looks won’t get her any sympathy from dominant Mark Davis. In fact, it probably inspires him to be even more sadistic, if this dungeon scene is any indication. Alexa’s limbs are bound with rope in the most uncomfortable positions. If that isn’t indignity enough, she must endure forced cock sucking through it all. Suspension bondage and fucking follow; Alexa has no say in the matter. She’s even forced to suck cock while in that suspended rope bondage..

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Gia Paloma is a Submissive Hogtied Fuck Pig

Posted On: February 2, 2009 at 10:38 am By: Tied.com Comments: (zero)

boob bondage throatfuck bdsm bdsm anal

Gia Paloma shows us her sexy submissive side in the dungeon with Mark Davis. Dominant Mark binds her with rope and then cuts her dress so that her breasts show. What erotic humiliation that must have been! Then poor Gia has her breasts clamped and weighted down. Then dominant Mark clothes pins her breasts. While undergoing this tit torture, she’s also forced to suck cock. Even hogtied, she endures forced cock sucking…

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Marie Luv Fucked in Suspension Bondage by Marc Davis

Posted On: January 8, 2009 at 9:41 pm By: Tied.com Comments: (zero)

suspension bondage suspension bondage tied up  blowjob

Marie Luv was probably hoping dominant Mark Davis would melt at her lovely little disposition, but that just wasn’t the case. Dominant Mark put his submissive in metal bondage and then stripped her naked, save her high heels. She was collared, blindfolded, and forced to suck his cock. Then she got fucked while in suspension bondage. The sadistic side of dominant Mark came out by dripping hot wax on masochist Marie’s tender tongue…

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