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Human Pet Play

Posted On: November 11, 2009 at 7:51 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently got to double team a female submissive who loves extreme erotic humiliation and human pet play, so her master and I really let her have it.  I quickly put a ball gag into her mouth because ball gags always make subs drool, and doggies drool, don’t they?  At least human pet play doggies do!

Her master put her in a collar and chain leash and we took turns walking her around the house and outside.  (She was totally naked, otherwise).  While outside, I told her that she needed to pee.  At first, she was very embarrassed and started to squat a little bit.  Nope, says I! I told her I wanted to see her piss like a boy doggie, with her leg up in the air so we could see the piss coming out.  Oh, the shame – lol!  She was quite mortified, especially when a lot of that piss trickled down her leg.  But it amused her master and me, so it didn’t matter.

Next came dinner time.  Since I love food play and making the ickiest concoctions, I made a particularly grotesque mushy slop and sloshed it into her dog dish.  She didn’t want to eat it, so her master shoved her head into the bowl.  Well, she got a little onery then (sometimes she loves to misbehave so she can get heavily disciplined), so her master punished her.

He tied her up and put another kind of gag in her mouth – the kind that forces her mouth open.  He spooned some of the food into her mouth, and she had no choice but to swallow it.  Every time she tried to spit it out, I touched her with a cattle prod.  (What else would we use during human pet play – lol)!

After awhile, she actually had tears coming down her cheeks.  I was a little concerned, but her master spread her legs and let me see that she was very wet.  Aw, the poor dear – overcome with emotion and lust.

Indeed it was quite a fun and intense human pet play session!  We’ll be doing it again soon.  I can’t wait!

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Human Pet Play

Posted On: September 11, 2009 at 3:44 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently made a sub’s lifelong dream come true:  treating him to human pet play.  I have a cage in my dungeon that I put willing submissives into.  I thoroughly enjoy treating them like human pets, right down to the feeding out of a doggie dish and taking them out to pee in the backyard.

This sub got the whole royal treatment of human pet play.  He wanted to spend an entire weekend as a human pet, and I was definitely game for that.  The subs who have come to me for human pet play have only had a couple hours, at the most, to devote to it.

I immediately had him strip and then I put a collar on him.  After all, that’s what doggies wear!  For his comfort, I put a large pillow in the cage for him to sit and lay on.  He also had doggie bowls full of water and leftover food.  The leftover food consisted of really icky stuff – like meat gristle, cold scrambled eggs, and other kinds of leftover food that is much better warmed up.  I watched him woof (pardon the pun) the food down, and then I took him out for a walk in my backyard.  It was then that I told him part of human pet play consisted of him lifting his leg to whiz.  Haha!  It was funny him trying to piss without it kind of ending up drizzling down his leg.  At least he had plenty of practice to get the dog peeing right by the end of the weekend – lol!

If you haven’t tried human pet play, I urge you to consider it.  It’s such a rush for a dominant – and so funny, too.  It’s also an extremely submissive thing for a sub to do – to be thought of as a human pet and not as a human for a certain amount of time.

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Human Pet Play: Being Caged

Posted On: August 10, 2009 at 5:41 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

One of the fun things about human pet play is for the sub to be caged.  If you’re going to do human pet play, you might as well pull out all the stops, if possible.  Granted, it costs money to purchase all your bdsm props to live out the fantasies you have, but if you can, by all means do!  Having props and other bdsm gear helps make the play session all the more enjoyable.

When I engage in human pet play, I of course like to collar and leash my “doggie.”  I also like to lead him around and have him eat and drink out of a dog bowl.  Sometimes, if I’m in a particularly impish mood, I’ll take him outside where he has to piss like a dog – leg up and all.  That’s so funny!  While my backyard is relatively private, you just never know who may peek around the bushes.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered with my little “doggie,” so I cage him.  Bdsm cages are a great part of human pet play.  I leave my human pet in there alone, anywhere from a couple minutes to several minutes.  I’m always within ear shot, of course.  I believe in practicing safe and sane bdsm.

Being caged, for my human pets, is oftentimes a surreal experience for them.  They feel the humiliation and the dehumanization, but they also get into subspace.  They feel, in a submissive way, of being cared for and loved.  What a good doggie!

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Human Pet Play

Posted On: June 3, 2009 at 6:59 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

One of my favorite things to do with a submissive is human pet play.  I like dehumanizing my subs, treating them like the dogs, ponies, or piggies that they are.  When I treat them like dogs, I collar and leash them.  Then I have them amuse me with doing typical dog tricks, like roll over, fetch, and beg.  I just love the begging part – lol!  Although fetch is pretty hilarious – repetitiously throwing something like an old shoe.  My human pets soon learn there’s absolutely no point to my fetch game except to make them look ridiculous – lol.

Then of course there’s the pony play, but I have to admit treating my subs like piggies is totally delightful.  Seeing them root around with their “snouts” in my left over food – in a trough – is priceless!  I sometimes add my piss into the slop I feed them, which gives them dessert – lol!

Human pet play is a great combination of humiliation and dehumanization.  Oh, and it’s also great comedy to a Mistress!

Sit up and beg for me, boys,


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