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Of Straight Jackets and Bondage

Posted On: November 14, 2009 at 6:21 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

One of my favorite items to use in bondage is a straight jacket.  There’s something so sexy about seeing a manly man all bound up in a straight jacket, especially if he’s not wearing anything else – lol!

My latest bondage playmate also has a latex fetish, and he had a latex straight jacket.  Ooh la la!  It made my mouth drool looking at it, and it made my pussy drool seeing him in it.  I also put on my hot short latex black dress and stockings.  He was fit to be tied!!

I had my latex fetish boy lick my pussy until I had several orgasms, then I teased him some more.  After a couple hours of orgasm denial, I finally let him cum – all over my latex stockings.  Of course, he had to lick it off – all the while he was in his straight jacket bondage.  It was very funny how awkward he looked trying to get down on his knees and clean his spunk off my black latex stockings.  That made him hard again, and I teased and teased him…but no second cumming for him!

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Human Pet Play

Posted On: November 11, 2009 at 7:51 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently got to double team a female submissive who loves extreme erotic humiliation and human pet play, so her master and I really let her have it.  I quickly put a ball gag into her mouth because ball gags always make subs drool, and doggies drool, don’t they?  At least human pet play doggies do!

Her master put her in a collar and chain leash and we took turns walking her around the house and outside.  (She was totally naked, otherwise).  While outside, I told her that she needed to pee.  At first, she was very embarrassed and started to squat a little bit.  Nope, says I! I told her I wanted to see her piss like a boy doggie, with her leg up in the air so we could see the piss coming out.  Oh, the shame – lol!  She was quite mortified, especially when a lot of that piss trickled down her leg.  But it amused her master and me, so it didn’t matter.

Next came dinner time.  Since I love food play and making the ickiest concoctions, I made a particularly grotesque mushy slop and sloshed it into her dog dish.  She didn’t want to eat it, so her master shoved her head into the bowl.  Well, she got a little onery then (sometimes she loves to misbehave so she can get heavily disciplined), so her master punished her.

He tied her up and put another kind of gag in her mouth – the kind that forces her mouth open.  He spooned some of the food into her mouth, and she had no choice but to swallow it.  Every time she tried to spit it out, I touched her with a cattle prod.  (What else would we use during human pet play – lol)!

After awhile, she actually had tears coming down her cheeks.  I was a little concerned, but her master spread her legs and let me see that she was very wet.  Aw, the poor dear – overcome with emotion and lust.

Indeed it was quite a fun and intense human pet play session!  We’ll be doing it again soon.  I can’t wait!

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Erotic Humiliation with some Buzzzzz

Posted On: November 8, 2009 at 7:50 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

Sometimes I enjoy some buzzing with my erotic humiliation of humiliation sluts.  True, the device I’m talking about also includes pain, but that’s also fun for me!  You see, there’s this delightful little remote control device wherein I can give a mild to OUCHIE electric shock to a painslut through a special cock ring he’s wearing.

What brings erotic humiliation into the mix is when I require my subs to wear this device out in public.  You see, I like to press that remote quite frequently, but I do it at the mild level…for awhile…just enough to lull them into thinking it’ll only be mild shocks they’ll receive from me.  Then SHAZAM!  I press the button for the high level of shock, and those very surprised and hurt yelps are priceless.

They’re so funny, especially when they can’t help themselves and they yelp very loudly, without thinking about all the people who might be around to hear them.  Hahaha!  I have so much fun seeing my subs trying to pretend something happened that made them yelp that would be acceptable to the vanilla public, like rubbing their arm as if they got hurt, sucking their finger, etc.  I just laugh, and they just blush from the erotic humiliation and the pain in their electrically charged balls.  LOL!

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Erotic Humiliation in Person

Posted On: October 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

My previous entry discussed erotic humiliation phone sex, which is a helluva lot of fun.  But erotic humiliation in person is just as fun, perhaps even more so, with the right humiliation slut.  Some of the erotic humiliation things I’ve done to subs include:  human pet play, piss play, cumming in humiliating ways, and getting dirty.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever done – and it was in public and no one else knew except the humiliation slut and me – involved piss play.  The thing is, I had my period at the time as well – lol!  I threw a dinner party at my home, with most of the guests being vanilla people, so if I was going to do any erotic humiliation, I’d have to be discreet.  Well, my sub did something that ticked me off, so I went into the bathroom, pissed into a glass goblet, and gave it to him.  It was, of course, an unusual mixture of yellow and burgundy.  I’m sure some people, if they noticed, may have wondered what kind of “wine” I was serving.  Thank goodness no one asked for a sample – haha!

At any rate, I whispered into my erotic humiliation slut’s ear what it was.  Since he was in front of people, he couldn’t protest.  So down the hatch it went.  LOL!  He visibly blanched, and I secretly laughed.  It was a hoot!

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Erotic Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted On: October 23, 2009 at 12:31 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I’ve done a lot of fun and funny things to humiliation sluts who’ve called me for erotic humiliation phone sex.  Some have taken their cell phones with them while talking to me on the phone.  Oftentimes, these little excursions take the shape of them going into a lingerie store and purchasing something for themselves.  Of course, they’re to tell the saleswoman that the panties, bra, stockings, etc., are for them.  There have been times that I’ve talked to the saleswomen and have told them that the lingerie purchase is for the man standing in front of them – lol!  Other times, I’ve had my callers purchase two of each item they want – one in my size and one in theirs.  Obviously, the saleswoman would know the larger size was for the man – lolol!

Other times I’ve had erotic humiliation phone sex callers go to the makeup counter at a drug store or a department store.   As in the lingerie store experience, I’ve talked to the clerks and told them to help the caller pick out some makeup for him to wear.  Most of the clerks have been good sports, though you can sometimes tell from their tone of voice that they’re very disapproving of the sissy boy in front of them – lol!

I’ve had a few callers whom I’ve made ask a sales clerk where the tampons are and what tampons they recommend for someone who has never used them before.  One caller was even so bold as to tell the clerk the tampons were for him.  I giggled cuz I thought no way would the guy say that, but he did!!!!  ROFLMAOOOOOOOO!  Too frigging funny!

See, erotic humiliation is so much fun!!!!!!

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The Thrill of Erotic Humiliation from a Domme’s Perspective

Posted On: October 15, 2009 at 1:48 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I thought I’d write about the thrill of erotic humiliation from a domme’s perspective.  Most people who read this blog are submissives, so they may wonder what it’s like for a dominant to put her/his sub through erotic humiliation.

For me, it’s a giggle – sometimes a HUGE giggle, followed by wild guffaws.  I mean, really, just think about it!  When you’re able to convince, seduce, “make,” (or whatever word you’d like to use) a person do something erotically humiliating to them, the look on their faces and what they’re actually doing can literally be rolling on the floor laughing your ass off funny!  And who doesn’t want a good laugh, especially nowadays!

Mixed in with the opportunity of having a great laugh is the control issue for me.  The rush of control I have over subs as I put them through erotic humiliation is quite heady.  It’s one thing to have a sub undergo some sort of physical pain (as in corporal punishment) or emotional hardship (as in orgasm denial).  But with erotic humiliation, the humiliation slut goes through huge embarassment, and it has more of a lasting effect.  They know that they’re literally being an amusement for their dominants, and not in a stand-up comic, on purpose, kind of way.  Oftentimes, a painslut’s reactions are just as funny as the erotically humiliating act or acts they have to perform.

As I said, erotic humiliation is much more memorable than physical pain or hardship.  Think back to, for instance, hitting your finger with a hammer.  Can you really recreate that pain?  Not likely.  With physical hardship, it might be a little easier to remember – like recalling how frustrated you were during a period of intense orgasm denial for your dominant.   However, you probably can’t recreate the immediate physical sensations in your balls and cock right this minute, can you?  (Unless you’re cheating, and you’re doing another intense orgasm denial – lol)!

But with erotic humiliation – or with any kind of embarassing moments in your past – you can immediately recall how humiliated you felt.  In fact, your face might even blush a bit at the thought, and you might figet nervously, as all those uncomfortable feelings come rushing back.

Erotic humiliation is intense and leaves an indelible imprint on a sub’s psyche.  And that’s why it’s a total rush of control for a dominant, and also a laugh riot!

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Orgasm Denial, Part 3

Posted On: October 6, 2009 at 6:19 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

As I alluded to in the previous post, the bravery exhibited by those into orgasm denial can be every bit as impressive as a pain slut’s.  In fact, in most cases, the amount of bravery and self control is far more for an orgasm denied fan.  That’s because, for a painslut, the bulk of the pain ends when the session ends.  This isn’t the case for the tease and denial submissive.

Going through orgasm denial entails mental, emotional, and physical pain and/or discomfort.  For those not having experienced orgasm denial, the physical discomfort is obvious, and blue balls are something they disdain and try to avoid at all costs.  For the tease and denial fan, being denied – while uncomfortable – is erotic, so the “pain” is manageable.  The emotional and mental pain is what builds up over hours or days, and that’s when a Domme needs to be around to help her sub through the anguish.

The subs whom I’ve denied for at least a few days frequently get very emotional.  Some experience anguish, extreme frustration and stress, and desperation.  Going through such mental and emotional sensations are harder than a painslut’s physical sensations because it’s only skin deep.  (Unless, of course, the sub is being punished for some transaction.  Then again, I don’t believe that a Dominant should EVER punish a sub when s/he is angry).

At any rate, those who are in to orgasm denial are often far braver than those who are in to heavy corporal punishment.  My hat is off to those tease and denial fans who push themselves past their limits every time they’re going through a denial phase.

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Orgasm Denial, Part 2

Posted On: September 30, 2009 at 3:45 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

When introducing orgasm denial to your novice Domme, you need to impress upon her how much happiness you get from being denied.  That will help her overcome her upbringing and socialization that a man only achieves satisfaction if he cums.  Be very up front with her in how much pleasure you get from the ache of denial.

Every time you have an orgasm denial play time with her, give her positive affirmations when she does what is “Domme-like.”  Accentuate her positives.  Remember that this is all foreign to her, so don’t be too nitpicky and overbearing.  It’s not exacty ideal to “lord” it over her on how to do things when she’s the one who is supposed to be in control – lol!

Tell her why you like orgasm denial.  Many men say things such as loving the chase and the courtship phase of a relationship.  Certainly being denied their orgasm is part of that.  Proving themselves and how much self control they have is another part of orgasm denial.  Placing themselves under the control of the woman they love is another.  Whatever the reason you’re into orgasm denial, let your novice Domme know

Communication is always the key.  Just because orgasm denial may seem more benign than other bdsm activities, it’s not.  The bravery that an orgasm denied fan must endure is every bit as impressive as a painslut’s.

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Orgasm Denial, Part 1

Posted On: September 28, 2009 at 3:45 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

For many men who want to introduce their significant others to the FemDomme lifestyle, a good place to start is orgasm denial.  That’s because many women get immediately turned off at the thought of BDSM; they conjur up images of whips and chains.  While that may be the case for some activities for D/s couples and playmates, it doesn’t have to be the norm.

At any rate, I feel orgasm denial is something to introduce to a novice Domme in the making.  Unfortunately, many a woman feels that she’s not satisfying her mate if he doesn’t cum, so it might take awhile for her to realize that she really should deny him.  After all, that’s what orgasm denial is all about – lol!

I remember the first time I did orgasm denial.  It was during orgasm denial phone sex, and after doing a lot of cockteasing, the man was begging me for permission to release.  He sounded so sincere, and he really sounded like he was about ready to cry.  So I gave in.  Wrong move!  The disappointment in his voice was quite evident.  He did cum, but boy, was he ever disappointed.  He never called again.  Gee…I wonder why – lol!

True, orgasm denial play doesn’t mean never cumming, but for many orgasm denied fans who want to have a play session, they don’t want to cum during that time.  Eventually, but not then.  At that particular time, they want the cock teasing and the slow build up in their balls.  They want that familiar blue balled, heavy ache of being orgasm denied.

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What’s in a Setting: BDSM Dungeon

Posted On: September 20, 2009 at 6:58 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

So what’s in a setting?  A setting plays an important part of your bdsm play.  That’s why many people love playing in a bdsm dungeon.  Bdsm dungeons can range from very simple to very elaborate.  Some of the more established professional dominatrixes have multiple rooms in their bdsm dungeons.  These can be specialized rooms devoted to sissies, adult babies, human pet play, and just a plain ol’ dungeon.

As you can imagine, a sissy room would be all frilly and girlie, with plenty of clothes and shoes to try on, as well as perhaps a vanity and a full length mirror.  A room devoted to adult babies would look exactly like a nursery, only with adult sized baby furniture.  At the bdsm dungeons I’ve been to, the dungeon incorporates the human pet play by having a big cage off to the side.

So what kind of bdsm dungeons have you been to?  What do they look like?  What kinds of things do you like about it?  And what scares you about it?  *wink*

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Face Slapping and Hair Pulling

Posted On: September 13, 2009 at 3:53 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I got to be bitch for the day by spending a large amount of time face slapping and hair pulling on a submissive.  You see, a new submissive play toy of mine loves the humiliation and the pain of that both face slapping and hair pulling gives to him.  It’s part of his desire to be dehumanized, although he’s not into human pet play.  Perhaps “dehumanized” isn’t the right word, although that’s how he labels it.  I see dehumanization as more of being treated as a human pet or being treated as furniture.  I see face slapping and hair pulling more as being thought of as a slave – like property, but I guess that is dehumanization after all.

At any rate, I tied him to a chair and spent a lovely time face slapping him.   His cheeks were bright pink, and then they started turning red.  It was a hell of a lot of fun face slapping him and backhanding him.  Back and forth I went with both hands.  I was getting pretty adept at it.  I hadn’t gotten that much work out with that much face slapping in awhile.  I have to say my hands got tired though.  That’s when it’s a good idea for a dominant to have another activity planned for the sub.  In this case, it was hair pulling.

Obviously if a sub has close cropped hair, you can’t really do any hair pulling.  A lot of men have very short hair, but at least this sub didn’t.  He had a full head of hair, and it was rather on the longish side.  Not as long as being able to have a pony tail, but it was long enough.  I grabbed hand fulls of his hair and pulled and yanked to my heart’s content.  His little yelps were funny to hear, and I couldn’t help laughing.

After awhile, I went back to the face slapping, then when my hands tired, I did some more hair pulling.  To add a little variety, I put some of his hair into rubber bands, and pulled on them that way.  That was fun!  Then I started pulling the little hairs on the back of his head.  Hehe!  Wickedly fun.  And what was even more wickedly fun was taking a tweezers and pulling out several of those hairs – one by one.  Talk about hair pulling with a twist.  LOL!

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Human Pet Play

Posted On: September 11, 2009 at 3:44 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently made a sub’s lifelong dream come true:  treating him to human pet play.  I have a cage in my dungeon that I put willing submissives into.  I thoroughly enjoy treating them like human pets, right down to the feeding out of a doggie dish and taking them out to pee in the backyard.

This sub got the whole royal treatment of human pet play.  He wanted to spend an entire weekend as a human pet, and I was definitely game for that.  The subs who have come to me for human pet play have only had a couple hours, at the most, to devote to it.

I immediately had him strip and then I put a collar on him.  After all, that’s what doggies wear!  For his comfort, I put a large pillow in the cage for him to sit and lay on.  He also had doggie bowls full of water and leftover food.  The leftover food consisted of really icky stuff – like meat gristle, cold scrambled eggs, and other kinds of leftover food that is much better warmed up.  I watched him woof (pardon the pun) the food down, and then I took him out for a walk in my backyard.  It was then that I told him part of human pet play consisted of him lifting his leg to whiz.  Haha!  It was funny him trying to piss without it kind of ending up drizzling down his leg.  At least he had plenty of practice to get the dog peeing right by the end of the weekend – lol!

If you haven’t tried human pet play, I urge you to consider it.  It’s such a rush for a dominant – and so funny, too.  It’s also an extremely submissive thing for a sub to do – to be thought of as a human pet and not as a human for a certain amount of time.

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These Boots are Made for Walking: Trampling

Posted On: September 9, 2009 at 3:36 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I remember being very young and hearing Nancy Sinatra sing:

“These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you….”

The gist of the song isn’t about bdsm and trampling, but I always delighted in the chorus.

Shortly after starting my bdsm journey, I met up with someone who was in to trampling.  What little I had read about it sounded so dangerous.  Yikes!  Stiletto heels – with a Domme’s full weight on them – piercing down into a sub’s flesh?  I’m a big sadist, but I don’t want to irreparably damange my toys!

I told him my reservations about trampling, and he described some of the safety protocol that goes into bdsm trampling.  Ah…light bulb went off in my head, and I immediately wanted to try trampling!

We went to a shoe store to buy the right kind of boots and then we went back to my place to break them in, so to speak.  It was pretty cool, and I enjoyed my first time trampling.  All the while he was prone and I was carefully walking over him, I was singing Nancy Sinatra’s chorus and giggling.

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A Lazy Afternoon of Foot Worship

Posted On: September 7, 2009 at 3:35 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I recently enjoyed a lazy afternoon with a sub who enjoys foot worship.  So, of course, I couldn’t pass an opportunity up like that.  It’s not often he has some free time.

He spent most of the afternoon down at my feet – rubbing and massaging them, kissing them, licking them, and sucking on my toes.  Foot worship is a wonderful thing for a Domme/Dom.  To me, it’s so relaxing, yet erotic and a turn on at the same time.  It’s also a time for a sub to show how worshipful he or she is – willing to “make love” to a foot!

At other times, foot worship can be humiliating.  There’s nothing like smearing icky stuff all over a sub’s face with feet – lol!  Or, if a domnant has dirty feet, it’s such a rush to see a sub humiliate him or herself by cleaning all that dirt or mud off the feet.  (At least the sub better hope that’s dirt or mud – lol)!

Foot worship can also entail some edgier bdsm elements, like a dominant using his or her feet to slap a submissive’s face, or using the feet to smother the sub.

Fun times foot worship is!

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Gag on Me: Forced Cocksucking

Posted On: September 4, 2009 at 3:40 pm By: Countess Comments: (zero)

I feel so powerful when I tell my submissive:  “Gag on me!”  He is kneeling before me and my big strapon cock.  Nothing puts a submissive in his or her place faster than forced cocksucking!  You can see it in a submissive’s eyes – the pleading, the humiliation, the vulnerability, and slowly…the lust.

Forced cocksucking.  If you haven’t done it to a submissive, I encourage you to try it.  It’s fun!  If you’re a submissive…keep on sucking!

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